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Regular Events

FOCUS Friday Nights

Our main public meeting is on every Friday night. Join us for
  • yummy dinner
  • friends and conversation
  • games
  • Bible discussion in small groups and/or Bible talk
Everyone is welcome. You do not have to be a Christian. You do not have to know anything about the Bible.

Time: Friday, 5:30–9pm
Location: Margaret Murray Room, Level 4 Union House West

Prayer Group

Join us for our weekly prayer meeting to pray for FOCUS, our friends, the world, and each other. Everyone is welcome.

Time: 3pm Thursday
Location: ES Room, Basement Lady Symon Building

Mid-Week Bible Studies

FOCUS runs a weekly mid-week Bible discussion group. We meet for an hour to read through and discuss a book of the Bible. Everyone is welcome.

Time: TBA
Location: ES Room, Basement of the Lady Symon Building, Adelaide Uni

Time: TBA
Location: Jeffrey Smart Building, UniSA City West


Join us on Monday nights during semester for social Badminton. See posts in our Facebook Discussion Group for when we go out.

Time: 7:30–9:30pm
Location: Glenunga International High School

Major Events

Christmas Celebration

Join FOCUS to celebrate Christmas. We'll have great food, music, games, and a talk on the true meaning of Christmas.

Date: Friday, 15 December
Time: 5:30–9pm
Location: Nailsworth Church of Christ, 40 Derlanger Ave, Nailsworth

Easter Celebration

Join FOCUS to celebrate Easter. We'll have great food, music, games, and a talk on the true meaning of Easter.

Date: Easter Friday
Time: 5:30–9pm
Location: Nailsworth Church of Christ, 40 Derlanger Ave, Nailsworth


National Training Event (NTE) 2017

In December, groups like FOCUS and ES from all over Australia meet in Canberra for a big conference. There are talks from the Bible and a chance to meet students from all over Australia and the world.
  • Date: Friday, 1 December — Monday, 11 December
  • Location: EPIC in Canberra and then Sydney for a mission
  • For details and registration visit

April Camp

FOCUS will go away for a great weekend of having fun, learning from the Bible, and visiting country South Australia.
  • Date: Friday night — Sunday night, 1st weekend of semester 1 term break
  • Location: TBA

Mid Year Conference (MYC)

In the mid-year-break (July), FOCUS joins the local Christian group (Evangelical Students — ES) for a week-long camp. Mid-Year Conference (MYC) is a great time to make friends with local students and find out more about Jesus and what Christians believe. 
  • Date: Monday — Friday, last week of July semester break
  • Location: Dzintari Latvian Camp at Normanville by the beach

September Road Trip

In September, FOCUS will do a Road Trip to country South Australia. Another great chance to see a beautiful part of South Australia, learn from the Bible and make friends.
  • Date: Friday — Sunday, middle weekend of semester 2 term break
  • Location: TBA